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What is "Kanji"?

Some of you maybe familiar with Kanji, as we're gradually seeing more and more of them these days due to globalization. 

So what is Kanji?

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Kanji is a writing system that originated in ancient Chinese civilization and is the most numerous writing system with more than 100,000 characters ,making it the 2nd most used writing system in the world.

These characters are used in China,Korea,and Japan,but here we use the Kanji from used in Japan.

One reason for this is that every year in Japanese culture, there is an opportunity to express a single Kanji that represents the year. Since a single Kanji can represent the year, it's considered a character with great power in Japan. For example"LOVE". The word love is written "愛" and reads "ai". The character for "愛" means "The feeling of looking back while walking slowly".  Thus, a single Kanji has many meanings and thoughts.

The second reason is that I'm Japanese:))

My calligraphy art is to use these powerful and thoughtful Kanji , take inspiration from you, and present them to you, and present them to you as works of art.

Thanks for the reading to the end.

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